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Books To Read

An important part of your professional library
  • O'Reilly technical books - these often are the most comprehensive books on their subject matter. Often, they are better than the technical manual provided by the vendor. If you visit, they are listed under Books, Computers and Internet, Best of O'Reilly section, or from there, you can pick the O'Reilly Store. If you prefer to get them straight from the publisher, try O'Reilly Books.
  • IDG books makes the Dummies series of books - i.e. Windows for Dummies, Flash for Dummies, Visual C++ for Dummies. They also make a helpful series of books under the Visual line, which are a little more advanced. I like their easy step-by-step approach. Of course, you'll outgrow the books quickly, since they make it so easy to learn the subject. That's OK. Just bring your Dummies books to a Job Fairy meeting with you and give them to the newbies. Or take them to work with you and give them to the women in your office who are just starting their own IT careers.
  • QUE - also makes a comprehensive list of technical books. Most of the Job Fairies that have system administrator or network engineer type jobs get the Que books on the latest operating systems (i.e. NT 4.0, Windows 2000) and use them until they're dog-eared and coffee stained. For the technical professional who is serious about getting the job done right.
  • SAMS - has a variety of books on technical subjects - our favorites are the "Teach yourself (technology goes here) in 21 days" series. Check out the SAMS website for the latest titles. Available through Amazon as well.
  • Exam Cram - if you are trying to pass the MCSE tests, you need to get these books. Also available at CompUSA in boxed sets, with a discount.
  • Transcenders - another got to have if you are going to pass the MCSE tests. These are exams with similar style and content to the real exams you will be taking. There are 4 levels of difficulty within the practice tests - once you can blow away the most difficult level, you should be able to pass the certification tests. Highly recommended.
  • MCSE Brain Dump sites - passing the MCSE exam can be difficult. So there are people out there who have taken the exam, memorized a lot of the questions, and then posted them on these discussion boards so that others will know what they're up against. The Job Fairies are not going to directly link to any of these sites, as Microsoft does not approve of the practice. However, a lot of people do it, and a lot of them passed because they knew what questions to expect. We do not condone or decry the practice. We are simply letting you know that this is what you're up against, and if you want to search these sites, you can do a Google search on "mcse brain dump". Why would you go to a brain dump site if you could use Transcender tests instead? Because at the time of writing, a MCSE (Windows 4.0) makes about $64K, and a Windows 2000 MCSE makes $68K and up. If you're not already making in the mid 60's...
Featured Books
You've seen articles by the author on this site - now buy the book!

If you're an author, and one of your articles has been quoted for review/analysis in the guest article section, please contact us - we'd love to link back to your site and feature your latest book.

Corporate Psychology offers a seminar on Hochheiser in the workplace - "How to Work for a Jerk", "If You Want Guarantees, Buy A Toaster; Surviving Corporate Change", and its impact on the corporate environment. How to get ahead, how to keep others from depth-charging you in the workplace, and figuring out how to keep your boss out of your hair. See the Events page for date and time listings.

The Art Of War

Sun-Tzu and the workplace... the wisdom of the ancients is as applicable now for the modern workplace as it was over 2,000 years ago. If dealing with co-workers is like facing battle every day, then this seminar is for you. See the Events page for date and time listings.

The Prince

Machiavelli's observations on what makes a Prince successful has direct correlation to aggressive business tactics today. Learn how to apply them to your own life, or evade them if possible. Pitino's "Success is a Choice" has nothing on Machiavelli. See the Events page for date and time listings.

The Rules

There is a version of The Rules for business; it isn't nearly as successful as the Rules-based theory that underlies most of A very effective algorithm for dealing with male and workplace behaviors. It's not anti-feminist to learn The Rules... you have to know what they are in order to understand when to observe them and when to honor them in the breach. See the Events page for date and time listings.

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