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About JobFairy.com

It's a site by women in Information Technology for women in Information Technology. We help you rewrite your resume in a way that gets you considered for more and better technical positions. There are links to over 500 job sites. We provide links to salary surveys from all over the country. Read the articles about negotiating a better salary, switching jobs, or dealing with difficult co-workers. Learn about the latest skills; get in touch with other groups that help women in technical career paths. And it's all free.

Our Mission Statement

The Job Fairy provides free resume help, lists of free job sites, salary and corporate survival information. It helps women who have chosen careers in Information Technology to be compensated and treated fairly in their work.

"I could never be in a technical job."

Yes, you could - you may already be in one! Often, we see office managers setting up networks. Or administrative assistants who say, "Everybody comes to me for help with their computers." Or you've got the title of clerk, but you're in charge of the database. What are these women really doing? The office manager's a LAN technician. The admin assistant is a on-site support technician. The clerk is probably a combination of database administrator and possibly even a MS Access programmer. None of these jobs is worth any less than $55,000/year. Each of the above workers is likely not even making $30,000/year. If you're in this situation, then this site is for you.

"Am I getting paid what I'm worth? My company gives lousy raises too, but there probably isn't anything better out there."

No, you're not, and yes, there is! Check out the salary surveys. Rewriting your resume to accurately reflect your technical skills can pay off with considerable raises and increased job satisfaction. Life is too short to stick with a job you hate. Don't feel guilty for looking!

"Can a free site like JobFairy.com really be of any help?"

Does $350,000 lie? That's right, over our first year we've helped increase the combined annual salary levels of the people who have used our site by over $350,000. Those aren't one-time gains, never to be repeated. They have made sustainable gains in salary through improving their political skills, better marketing of their current skills, and focusing on pursuing technical and other skills that have the best payoff. Their new higher income levels are now their ongoing rates of compensation... where, if you had as little as 20 years remaining in your career, a one-time $25,000 gain in compensation level would translate to half a million dollars more paid out over the rest of your working lifetime! But you don't have to settle for $500,000. With the skills you acquire here, you can become the CEO of your own life, and take your career in any direction you want.

"This can't be entirely free. There's got to be a catch."

Yes and yes. It is entirely free, but there's a heck of a catch - you have to be willing to teach other women what you've learned, so that they can in turn teach others. When you've helped other women rewrite their resumes, market themselves better, and improve their salaries - you've earned your Fairy Wand. When you've taught them to survive the politics of IT and how they can teach others the JobFairy.com way of improving their careers - you've earned your Fairy Wings. And that's how the Job Fairies who help you today got their start.

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