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Who is The Job Fairy?

There are many Job Fairies. They each specialize in different areas of technology and employment. With enough training and encouragement, you could be a Job Fairy too.

Is this website only for women? Can men use it too?

No, and yes! Men are welcome to use it too, but they must also make the commitment to pass their knowledge along to others. Especially to women, for whom the opportunities to get into a technical career field have been limited by the way we traditionally raised girls.

What the heck is it with all that pink, anyway?

It's a carefully calibrated psychological approach based on four years of research into women's issues at the University of Denver. No, we're not kidding. Really.

Do you have a regular meeting?

Yes. Drawing from the old BBS tradition, we have a monthly meeting for those of you located in the Denver, Colorado area. E-mail us for directions, date/time coordinates, agenda, and speakers.

Why do you hate recruiters?

We don't - not the honest ones, anyway. We even have a couple of recruiters and hiring managers who advise us on issues. The Colorado job market is structured so that recruiters are often the only way to connect people with jobs. We understand that they need to make money off of our placement with a company - which is fine, as long as they remember that the more they invest in us, the better they can sell us to the next client. Neither party is disposable, and both sides need to keep that in mind.

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