The Resume Template
Getting Started
Your Accomplishments
Fill In the Template
Saving as Text
The Importance of the Keyword Search
Stupid Email Tricks
Signing Up for Job Sites
Keeping a Log of Your Job Sites
Posting Your Resume to Job Sites
Further Resume Examples

The Mechanics of the Job Search, Week 1
The Mechanics of the Job Search, Week 2... and Beyond
Handling the Job Offer

Resume Templates and Job Sites Log

Resume Template (Right click, select Save Target As)

Job Sites Log (Right click, select Save Target As)

Right click on each link, select Save Target As, then save them to your Desktop so that you don't lose sight of where you put them. The Word document will form the outline of your resume. The Excel spreadsheet will help you track what sites you have been to and which ones you need to visit each day.

Note: Something that might help when you work with this resume template in Word is to turn on all the formatting. There's a little button that looks like a capital backwards P. Turn that on and then you can see all the paragraph marks. Go into (on the menu bar) Tools, Options, then the View tab, Formatting Marks, and check the box that's marked All. Click OK and then when you return to the document, you'll be able to see table outlines, column sections, and all the other goop that defines object placement in the resume template. It's a lot easier to place new text in there when you can see where it's going.

How to use this site: is a free self-help site designed to make it easier to get a job in IT or to be compensated fairly for the technical work that you do. There are several steps in the first part of the site that you should follow in order to create the best resume possible. You will start by gathering all your information. Then you will begin the process of assembling the resume from the template provided. It is not recommended that you "improve" on the design in any way; all that is necessary is to fill in the blanks. The resume format has been designed in order to maximize exposure and minimize your chances of being removed from consideration.

You may find it helpful to skim the site first, and then start building your resume. This can give you a clearer idea of what is expected and how to phrase your accomplishments. There are both funny and serious resumes to use as examples.

Proceed to Getting Started.

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