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About The Rules

The Rules from a JobFairy.com Perspective
What are The Rules?
The original book is a set of 36 basic behavioral responses that were designed to help heterosexual women find suitable husbands. There are subsequent Rules books with further strategies on relationships and marriage.

What are the common misperceptions about The Rules?
S.J. Gilman, in her book, Kiss My Tiara, trashes The Rules as too focused on "trading a diamond for your hymen". While this is a gross oversimplification, if this is the perception, then it is wildly inaccurate. There is also a perception on her part, and on the part of others, that The Rules could not possibly apply to non-heterosexual women. This is also incorrect. In fact, The Rules can be said to apply to any gender of human being, of any orientation.

Why do you need The Rules?
The Rules are an easy and efficient method of implementing boundaries in relationships without imposing behavioral change on anyone other than yourself. Translated to an environment that encompasses more than just dating, they are a non-confrontational and unselfish method of pursuing your agenda. The Rules are all about fulfilling your own needs in a way that does not come at the expense of others. They are also an excellent method of taking back your power from what has always been a male-dominated construct. Lastly, they optimize behaviors for maximum efficiency. Women often suffer from wishful thinking; to those who are not in technical fields, the concept of IF/THEN, i.e. IF a certain event happens, THEN I will do "X"; IF a certain event does not happen by a certain time, THEN I will do "Y" - can be foreign to their training and experience. The Rules helps women to whom these thought patterns are not yet innate to insert such consequence triggers into the algorithms of their thinking.

How does this apply to the JobFairy.com philosophy?
We provide this translation and incorporate it into our philosophical underpinnings, which include the works of Hochheiser, de Becker, and others. Based on our research, Fein and Schneider may not even realize why The Rules work as well as they do for non-dating situations. Here at JobFairy.com, we have found that an essential part of success is taking back and reclaiming your power. Learning how to focus your energies, using your time and emotional capital in the most efficient way, and to set effective boundaries within your relationships can only benefit you.

How does our analysis of The Rules help you achieve your goals?
Each week, we will provide a commentary on a particular Rule, as has been done for the 36 principles of the Art of War. (Is it sheer coincidence that there are 36 Rules within each of the first two books?) You can draw from the real-life anecdotes and commentary insight as to how to apply the Rule in a context other than dating. You will see how the fundamental principles of The Rules pertain to your work environment and relationships.

Will JobFairy.com make a list of all The Rules available?
No, you will need to have the books in order to follow along. You can find them on amazon.com by following these links:
·  Buy The Rules - book number one
·  Buy The Rules II - book number two
These series of articles are to serve as critical analysis that are meant to be able to help you interpret The Rules from a JobFairy.com perspective. They are not intended to replace or supplant the text of the book; they are commentary. In order to get the most out these critiques, you must first read the book in its entirety. Then reread each chapter in conjunction with the new article each week. We hope you will enjoy studying The Rules from the Job Fairy perspective.

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