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Rule 5

This is the most difficult Rule for people to follow. It is also one of the simplest and theoretically, easiest to do. What happens when you follow this Rule?

  • You know the recruiter is interested in you.
  • You know the job is a real one and you have a realistic chance of being placed in it.
  • You know the employer thinks you are sufficiently qualified and wants to interview you.
  • You're not nervous, wondering if someone, anyone, has noticed your resume.

Don't try to drum up interest or ferret out information. It doesn't matter. You're horrendously busy (or appear so), and don't have the time for such silliness.

But what if you have had a couple of interviews, feel that one of them is about to produce an offer, but there's a opportunity at the company of your dreams and you want to hurry up and interview with them so that you can just accept with them and not have to take the position with a place you prefer less? The answer is that you don't do anything. You don't send the recruiter urgent e-mail, hoping they'll prod the client. You appear serene and unconcerned. So what if the other company offers you a position first? Accept and go forward with the process. If the dream company wants to interview you, go ahead. It could be that the workplace of your dreams wasn't quite what you thought it was. Or that the company you thought you'd like less turns out to be a lot of fun and has great potential. If you do get the job offer from Dream Company, just give notice at Less Preferred Company or decline their offer gracefully. You do what's best for you and your career. Just keep it professional.

Observing this Rule means you'll minimize rejection. Don't give them the opportunity to tell you no or blow you off. You have solid plans; you're not waiting on anyone or anything in order to accomplish what you want. Use this as a way to gauge their level of interest in your skills. Your pay will also be higher because they'll feel they have to offer more in order to get you to agree. They'll be in the position of needing you more than you need them. And if it takes them a while to get back to you after the interview - no problem. Keep applying, responding to requests, and going on interviews. It may take them longer to make their decision because they have a lot of work to do. If business is brisk, isn't that a good indicator, and exactly what you want?

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