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What's going on with #jobfairy on twitter.com?

What's going on? Well, seems like we're turning into a global movement. About darn time, too. And over here at jobfairy.com, we are committed to aiding and abetting this movement however and wherever we can. https://twitter.com/i/#!/search/%23jobfairy is the link to the search for everything marked wtih the hash tag #jobfairy. What Una Mulally and a bunch of other tweeters have decided to do is mark any posts looking for or OFFERING jobs with this hashtag, so they can be more easily found. PURE AWESOME! This is what the whole Job Fairy concept has always been about. People helping each other find and keep jobs. It's a jungle out there. Be good to each other, and help someone today. Tomorrow, you might be the one that needs a Job Fairy. All of you have Job Fairy within you.

#winning  :)

Information on technology issues from WashTech.org, a union for people in IT - whether your company is unionized or not.

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